The Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association (HICSA) was established in December 2009

“To establish a welcoming and culturally affirming place in Healesville that provides a central point of contact for community members, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, for information, services and programs that are focused on building a healthy, strong and skilled community”

The Association and its members are committed to working collaboratively and harmoniously to achieve the above vision. To work towards the general betterment of Aboriginal people and, specifically, for the advancement of Aboriginal people in Healesville and the Yarra Ranges.


Acknowledgement to Country

The Board of the Healesville Indigenous Community Services Association Incorporated would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, the Wurundjeri, and pay respects to their Elders past and present. We would also like to acknowledge those peoples, including Elders, who came to live on Wurundjeri land from all over Australia as a result of dispossession from their homelands, and in more recent times through choice. We will strive to uphold a cultural respect model that further includes and strengthens all our people, stories, traditions and culture for now and future generations.



Latest News

Be The Hero

Be the Hero Indigenous project involves Melbourne Storm in partnership with the Victorian Women’s Trust identifying and training up to 24 young Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island male leaders (aged 15-16 years old) to deliver the program in schools or other community setting.
These young leaders will be trained over 3 days, and then once they have been trained will then be able to deliver the program. When delivering, they will receive support from Paul Zappa from the Victorian Womens Trust and a Melbourne Storm player for their initial visit to the school.


The program has 4 sessions, each session goes for about 1.5 hours so they will deliver the program over a 4 week period. A Storm player will accompany them for the first session. Young leaders will be paired up so there are two of them together delivering the program.  
They will be paid for program delivery at $100 per session – so overall they would get $400 over the 4 week period of the program. It is anticipated that each pair will only have to deliver in one school/community setting.
Where possible the training will be linked in with the Certificate III Community Services – for recognition of some of these competencies.

Contact HICSA for more information.