Staff and Board Members


HICSA is an Aboriginal controlled organisation.  51% of the Board Members must be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent. The governance model adopted by HICSA is based on the Koori Heritage Trust and Wuchopperen Health Service approaches.

2012 Board members:

  • Dosenna Fergie - Chairperson
  • Robynne White - Vice Chairperson
  • Barbara Dobson - Secretery
  • Miranda Madgwick - Treasurer
  • Aunty Dot Peters - Honorary Elder and the First Lifetime Member of HICSA
  • Gail Crozier - Ordinary Member
  • Brooke Collins - Ordinary Member


HICSA adopts a reconciliation model whereby Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal staff are appointed based on merit, work experience, personal attributes and cultural knowledge or experience.  HICSA is committed to the workforce and professional development of its staff.

  • Anne Jenkins  - Manager, Community and Government Partnerships
  • Kirsty Savage - Business and Finance
  • Brooke Collins - Youth Cultural Strengthening