Strategic Direction


To establish and operate a base from which an integrated program of health, well-being, education and employment services for the Aboriginal community is delivered within a cultural framework of respect, caring and sharing.


A healthy, strong and skilled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community in Melbourne’s Outer East


  1. Community and Cultural Strengthening: A strong community with active cultural participation and connection
  2. Belonging Place: A Belonging Place established within 5 years
  3. Governance: HICSA is a leader in good governance
  4. Health and Wellbeing: Strong, positive and healthy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


By 2014 HICSA will be characterised by these attributes:

  • Whole of community approach
  • Security of location
  • Journey building opportunities
  • Strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders
  • Strong reference group participation
  • Cultural strengthening
  • Excitement and energy
  • Sustainable management practices eg financial sustainability
  • Strong governance
  • Health and wellbeing outcomes through a health determinants approach




  • Established Program/ Manager position
  • Commenced program delivery
  • Strengthened Community engagement – strong communications & establishment of partnerships
  • Strengthened and streamlined communications (website in place and Communications Protocol - Code of Conduct) 
  • Increased understanding of HICSA’s role and aspirations by the wider community
  • Increased participation in services by members through the Reference Group
  • Develop a sense of ‘belonging’ by community members
  • Clarity regarding potential longer-term ‘location’ 
  • Established ‘HICSA Policy and Procedures Manual’ and induction for new members, including Committee
  • Developed Health and Well-Being programs 
  • Secured recurrent funding (health and education programs)



  • Established Health and Well-being programs and delivery
  • Security of tenure
  • Appointed second staff member (administration and program support)
  • Established professional and sustainable financial management
  • Consolidated partnerships
  • Established Education and Cultural role 
  • Transport provision secured (bus and driver)


  • Established longer-term partnerships 
  • Operating from a permanent location
  • Secured recurrent programs with funding
  • Established sustainable income streams
  • Operating full service provision
  • Increased confidence in Board of Management and succession planning occurring
  • Mentoring young people – Youth Board
  • Achieved State and National recognition of HICSA model and operational success
  • Known for active demonstration of ‘respect, sharing & caring’ in the local community

 HICSA is a not for profit organisation.

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