Young Women's Advisory Group and Leadership Circle

This program fosters partnerships between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal women and girls and will is guided by an Elder. Paricipants learn how to develop community based activities including how to manage a program, run a committee, develop and review budgets.  The program has a focus on empowering young women to be leaders for the future.  Participants will develop their own cultural program.  It could be anything from makeup classes, to exercise and fitness, outings and social events or to skills building for example how to use the internet.



Young Warriors

This program is targeted at young Indigenous youth aged between 14-22. On Wednesday's the young men participate in a Boxing group that reinforces fitness as a key to self-improvement and new life skills. For further information contact HICSA on 5962 2940.


Deadly and Safe Driving (a learner driver program)

Having a licence is important so that you can access  employment, health and education, and go out with your friends.  The Deadly and Safe Driving program is for youth who want to get their licence.  Deadly and Safe Driving is for young people aged 16 to 25 years, however contact us if you are older than 25 years for a modified program.  Our volunteer drivers are carefully selected and paired to learner drivers who then gain valuable hours behind the wheel in our 'Alice Sloan Trust' car.  Professional driving lessons are provided free to Aboriginal youth through the RACV Foundation.

For more information on our Driving Deadly and Safe Program, Click Here. 

Daniel and Russell (volunteer driver educator) with our Alice Sloan Trust car.


School Holiday Program

HICSA and the Yarra Ranges Council organises school holiday programs.  Activities are usually at no cost, or very low cost.  Please contact Brooke on 5962 2940 for more information.

Education Bursaries

Education is important because it can lead to increased life opportunities.  Please contact HICSA If you would like to know more about our education bursary to assist with school or education related expenses. An application can be for education fees, excusions, uniforms or equipment.  There are guidelines and an eligibility criteria applies.

Funding for bursaries are from Towards a Just Society.